Is There Uber Available in Port Douglas

Whether you’re visiting Port Douglas for business or taking a vacation there, you are going to need transport of some kind during your stay. If you’re a regular Uber user in your home town, you may well be wondering if there are Uber available in Port Douglas.

Yes, Uber does exist in Port Douglas, and you’ll be pleased to know, the Uber service in Port Douglas works just the same as it does anywhere else in the world. Uber in Port Douglas is available twenty-four hours of the day seven days of the week.

Quick Port Douglas Guide:

How Do I Get An Uber In Port Douglas

If you’ve not used Uber services before, you’ll need to download the Uber app from Google Play or the App Store onto your smartphone. Once you have it, getting an Uber ride in Port Douglas is easy. Type in where you are and where you want to go, and the app sends the details of your ride requirement to a nearby driver who will come and collect you. The Uber app will also give you a price estimate for your particular journey before you confirm the reservation, so there are never any nasty surprises.

Tip – In Port Douglas, the same as many other cities, there are peak times when the Uber service is busier and certain locations, mostly the more popular tourist spots, where Uber rides are requested more frequently. If you haven’t pre-booked your Uber, then you may have a short wait for the car to arrive.

How Do I Pay For An Uber In Port Douglas

You can pay for your Uber ride in Port Douglas in one of three ways. If you’ve uploaded an amount to the app, you can pay the driver via the app. If not, then pay by cash or card. Most Uber drivers in Port Douglas are equipped to accept credit or bank cards but ask first to avoid any unexpected problem or embarrassment at the end of your journey.

Is Uber Safe In Port Douglas

Yes, it’s safe to use Uber in Port Douglas. But, be smart. For your own peace of mind and extra security, know and follow the Uber safety recommendations before scheduling an Uber in Port Douglas.

  • Check out the profile of the driver who’s been assigned to collect you, so you know the face behind the wheel.
  • Check the make of vehicle and license plate number with your ride confirmation to make sure you don’t get in the wrong car.
  • Keep your trusted contacts up to date on your Uber app so you can share details of your ride when you want to.
  • Make sure you’re aware of how to contact the 24/7 safety support team via the app if you should need to.
  • Keep the app open when traveling and make sure you know where the emergency shield icon is situated on your phone screen in the unlikely event you might need it. Clicking on the shield icon will give you direct access to the 000 emergency services.

Be A Good Uber Passenger

Uber drivers are humans too. Don’t forget to show your driver respect and follow the Uber community guidelines which prohibit foul language, disrespect and imbibing alcohol during the ride.

Are There Alternatives To Uber In Port Douglas?

There are several alternatives to Uber in Port Douglas, and while Uber rides do tend to be the most economical in and around town, they’re not always the most convenient or best for every situation.

Best Way to Get From Cairns Airport to Port Douglas

If you’re flying to Port Douglas, you’ll land at Cairns Airport which is around an hour’s drive away. The average price for a one-way journey from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas by Uber is $80, so you may well want to consider a cheaper and just as efficient option.

Cairns Airport Shuttle Bus

The Cairns Airport Shuttle Bus operates a twenty-four-hour service from the airport to Port Douglas though there is some difference in cost depending on what time of the day you arrive.

From four in the morning until eight in the evening you can take a seat in the shuttle service for $50 one way or $80 for a return journey. If you’re traveling with others, then the price per adult is considerably reduced. During the night time from eight o’clock until four the next day, the service is private charter only and whether you’re alone or making the journey with up to five people more, has a minimum one-way cost of around $160.

Tip: The Cairns Airport Shuttle Bus meets all flights landing at Cairns Airport. Pre-booking is a requirement for a guaranteed seat on the non-stop service into Port Douglas.

Tip: There is a walk-up shuttle bus desk in the airport. The shuttle service provided at the counter makes various stops on its way into Port Douglas so takes longer and costs fractionally more.


There is only one taxi company operating from Cairns Airport, and it has ranks at every terminal which have a direct intercom connection to the taxi service center. Cairns Taxis charge a standard rate per kilometer with the addition of a flagfall surcharge. If you’re considering taking a taxi, be prepared for the price of the one hour, sixty kilometers plus taxi journey from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas to cost well over $150. No prior reservations are required.

Tip: You can use the Cairns Taxis price estimator to get an idea of the cost of any journey in the area they cover.

Luxury Private-Hire

For not much more than the price of a normal taxi ride, you can spoil yourself by making the journey from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas in a private-hire sedan. Two hundred Australian dollars will get you a personal chauffeur and a very comfortable door to door service.

Is Uber Good For Sightseeing In Port Douglas

Uber is perfect for getting around in Port Douglas and relatively economical for short journeys from the town center to places like Four Mile Beach, Macrossan Street for shopping or the Bally Hooley Steam Railway. But if you’re planning on seeing some of the major attractions close to Port Douglas like the Daintree Rainforest, the Kuranda National Park or even the Great Barrier Reef using Uber could well break your vacation budget.

Best Way to get to the Daintree Rainforest from Port Douglas

The spectacular hundred-million-year old rainforests of Daintree are a must-see when visiting Port Douglas. The best way to get to Daintree from Port Douglas is by hiring a car and driving yourself. Driving gives you the opportunity to stop where and whenever you want to admire the area’s incredible scenery.

If self-drive is not an option, try a full or half day Daintree Discovery Tour. The guided coach tours collect passengers from Port Douglas before heading to Daintree and taking in sights like the Mossman Gorge and the Cassowary Falls. The tour also includes a cruise along the Daintree River and lunch in the forest.

Best Way to Get To Kuranda From Port Douglas

Kuranda National Park is an amazing place to visit when staying in Port Douglas. The park has many natural and man-made attractions, trails for walking, markets and a scenic railway as well as a butterfly sanctuary and koala garden.

To get to the park from Port Douglas, you can catch either the Kuranda Scenic Railway or the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. You’ll need transport to get you to the Smithfield Terminal on Captain Cook Highway for the Skyrail or to the Freshwater Station for the railway.

An Uber ride works out to be very pricey, but self-drive is reasonable though the car will be parked up for most of the day. It’s worth considering booking a day package with a coach tour company which includes collection from your hotel, train or gondola ticket, and entrance to the park


Related Question

Do Uber pick up from Macrossan Street in Port Douglas? Macrossan Street is the main commercial area in Port Douglas and crammed with shops, cafeterias, and restaurants. While Macrossan Street itself is a pedestrianized zone, and no vehicles are permitted, if you need an Uber to help get your purchases back to the hotel, the Uber app will indicate the closest pick-up point when you confirm the ride.

Are there any other ways to get around Port Douglas? Cycling is a fun and very economical way of getting around Port Douglas. There are no steep hills to pedal up, and traffic is minimal. Cycle hire costs less than twenty dollars per day, and for that price, you’ll get some great exercise with some fresh air and sunshine thrown in for free. If cycling is not your thing, Port Douglas is perfect for exploring on foot.

What exactly is Uber? Uber is a software application created by a technology company for connecting private car owners registered in the scheme to fare paying passengers.

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